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An introduction to martial arts

There have been wars for thousands of years since humans always seem to find new reasons to annihilate once another. Since the earliest times people have been searching for more effective ways to gain an advantage over their enemies. Over the years many fighting styles evolved such as Kung fu, Judo, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Krav Maga, Muay Thai and others. It is important to understand that there were some fundamental differences between one fighting discipline and another. Some were closely linked to spirituality, others had health related objectives, others were intended to do as little harm as possible while others were developed to ensure instant death. One of the most popular forms of martial arts today is Muay Thai which is taught at over two hundred Muay Thai training camps in Thailand. The high intensity full body workout ensures a very high level of physical fitness and also has amazing weight loss benefits. This type of exercise has extraordinary health benefits making Muay Thai one of the most popular combat sports known to man.

Why martial arts?

It is generally understood that martial is closely related to war while the art part of the word is intended to signify the creative aspect behind martial arts and the need for students of the various disciplines to be imaginative and be able to instantly improvise. In other words, martial arts are simply the art of fighting. Even though some people speak about the science of fighting, the majority prefer art as the more accurate description as far as the various fighting disciplines is concerned. Nevertheless, there are today thousands of different types of martial arts all around the world. There are those who are incessantly disputing which martial arts is the best or the deadliest. Even though, it may be possible to draw comparisons most people would rather refrain from doing so because it has been seen repeatedly that just about any form of martial can be lethally effective when used by someone who have become competent in that discipline. It has become clear over the years that there are underlying reasons for why a discipline have been developed and evolved and understanding those reasons can help to form a more accurate perspective and overview of that discipline.

Understanding the philosophy

There is a long list of martial arts with a particular underlying philosophy and this applies especially to many of the disciplines which comes from the east. Many of these incredibly interesting disciplines goes way beyond mere fighting, instead they teach students so much more such as spirituality, medicine, bone setting and the reasons and the purposes behind human existence. It has been observed that many of the eastern forms of martial arts are more a way life and not merely a fighting style. Many of them end with the word do such as Aikido, Taekwodo, Judo and Karate-do which in fact means a particular way of life. These martial arts focus more on teaching people how to live and not only how to fight. Muay Thai likewise has helped many young people in Thailand to turn their lives around. It provides people with a new purpose and gives people a new perspective on live.

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