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Martial arts over the centuries

It is no easy endeavor to successfully and accurately trace the development of martial arts over the centuries. Disciplines such as wrestling has been practiced right from the start. As human physiology developed so also did different forms of martial arts. This is also true for the form of martial arts known as Muay Thai which is practiced at dozens of training camps all over Thailand. There are various references to martial arts both in historic documents and in figurative art and much has been uncovered by archeology. In fact, various forms of martial arts can be seen in art work which is known to be at least 5000 years old. It is generally accepted by the majority of people that martial arts developed in Asia. This is because many of the prominent forms of martial arts such as hwa rang, karate and kung fu comes from Asia. As history progressed, many factors helped to shape the different forms of martial arts and over time many legends, myths and other considerations has become very much a part of what people came to accept as martial arts facts.

Different styles

Since the advent of the human race many races and cultures have been engaged in the development of unique fighting styles. The primary purpose of theses endeavors was survival. One of the most successful forms of martial arts was certainly those practiced by the Chinese. However, it is well-know that Muay Boran from which Muay Thai has developed has been around for at least 2000 years. For the las six centuries Muay Thai has continued to flourish in Thailand and it has become one of the most popular martial arts exercise routines on the planet. It is also popular because of its extraordinary fitness and weight loss benefits which is making Muay Thai extremely popular among women. The primary reason for the development of martial arts techniques has always been survival. Over the centuries it was primarily through a process of trial and error that new techniques were discovered which then became included into a particular martial arts discipline. These proven techniques were then passed down to students through successive generations. Over time new techniques were added to the existing repertoire.

Human ingenuity

Over time weapons systems were developed which had a substantial impact on the development of new fighting techniques. This resulted in a variety of weapons in different shapes and types which themselves resulted in the formation of different styles and schools of martial arts. In many cases martial arts students imitated the techniques which were used by different animals such as the snake, bear, monkey, Panther and Tiger. Others also imitated insects and birds and this is because in most cases there was a conviction that in order to survive in a harsh environment every possible advantage had to be taken. This is why it was deemed necessary to study the various skills and natural talents of successful animal species and to incorporate those skills into various forms of martial arts.

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