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Good health with Muay Thai

The martial arts are methods of physical combat, originating in the oriental culture, that every day, have aroused interest of many people who look for a dynamic form to exercise and to lose weight and between these practices, is Muay Thai.

How is the practice of muay thai?
It is a fighting where, the blows are performed with the wrists, elbows, knees, and especially with the cinnamon, which is constantly used to kick various parts of the opponent’s body, or special accessories used in training.
Before the beginning of the camp, aerobic exercises such as running, jumping, jumping, among others, are done that mimic the gestures of the fight, like punches, jumps and kicks, through fast and alternating movements. Classes have an average duration of 1 hour.
Therefore, Muay Thai in Thailand is a great activity to lose weight, since it promotes an intense caloric expenditure, in addition to helping to tone the muscles.
Benefits of muay Thai
There are a number of health benefits offered by practicing this activity, check out the few of them:
• Stimulates increase in caloric expenditure
• Improves flexibility and posture
• May help improve concentration
• Promotes self-defense capability
• Improves quality of life
• Contributes to the process of weight loss and muscle strengthening
• Improves self-esteem
Muay thai: contraindications
The practice of Muay Thai is recommended for people of all ages, as long as they do not present any health problems and there is qualified supervision of trained professionals in the modality, in addition it is important to have the appropriate equipments, like gloves and bandages (specific elastic bands) to protect hands, shin guards and mouth guard. S0 Muay Thi is a great way to get good health. Now it is game which is liked all the world.

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